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Regulatory Capital

PeopleSoft’s EPM provides the ideal datamodel for deployment of a regulatory capital solution, particularly for those banks pursuing Basel II compliance standards. The EPM datamodel is easily extensible. If done correctly, EPM can support regulatory capital calculations in parallel to your institution’s profitability and management reporting initiatives.

The critical link to a successful Basel deployment is in the presence of cleansed customer data. While a full out CRM deployment within EPM through PeopleSoft’s CRM analytics is ideal, it is possible to achieve this incredibly difficult “single view of the customer” through alternatives such a First Logic data matching utilities or custom PeopleSoft Application Engine processing.

In conjunction with your institution’s exposure data, a single view of retail and non-retail counterparties becomes the lynchpin for calculations of EAD, LGD and PD, which are subsequently used in estimation of a true measure for Risk Weighted Assets.

Traverse Consultants have deployed PeopleSoft’s EPM successfully at ABN AMRO, NA for Advanced IRB compliance. No matter which level of compliance your institution has targeted to achieve, the EPM architecture is sufficiently extensible to meet the mandated requirements. Our consultants can deploy EPM with the expertise you will need to move quickly on your project, and the will ensure your final deliverable is met successfully, as it has been at ABN AMRO, NA.

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