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Token Ring

The early architectures for Local Access Network (LAN) design were pioneered by an IBM sponsored Swedish inventor, Olof Soderblom. His visions of a Token Ring network, in which equal members of a group are granted access to one another’s processing abilities, is the basis for Traverse Consulting’s Token Ring alignment.

Each of our consultants has a career’s worth of implementation experience. We have assisted in data warehouse deployments around the world, for dozens of companies, and with multiple implementation partners.

Access to the Token Ring is achieved only after a consultant, independent or within an implementation partner, has demonstrated the same or greater skill level than those already in the network. Care is given to allow access only to those consultants with high ethical conduct, superior technical skills, and expert functional backgrounds.

Where are you at as a project manager?
If you have arrived at this site, you have most likely been tasked with managing the deployment of a consolidated data warehouse for your financial institution. You probably have expertise in all aspects of the institution’s profitability equation, and you most likely have been with the institution for many years. With the budget you have been provided, you are beginning to ask yourself….”Can this really be done?”

While data warehousing for financial services is a maturing phenomenon, most institutions have evolved several warehouses for different uses -- a CRM warehouse, an exposure warehouse, a trading/settlement warehouse, etc. The evolution of these disparate sources of historical information will have different means of normalization, different architectures, different operational closing schedules, etc. This segregation of data across business functions makes reporting on consolidated warehouse data for analytics a clumsy, expensive, and inaccurate pursuit. It is here that the need for a single consolidated warehouse in introduced.

PeopleSoft recognized this need to consolidate data inputs into a single repository when EPM was first designed. While PeopleSoft's business model supposed that most clients would be sourcing PeopleSoft’s ERP applications into the EPM architecture, experience has shown that most financial institutions use EPM as a means of cleansing shortfalls in their in-house legacy applications or third party feeds. This is typical for most warehouse deployments, and if done correctly can result in greater savings than re-engineering the source application itself.

Your most challenging task will be in the management of this trade-off between deploying the core functionality of an EPM data warehouse and becoming a means to address shortfalls in your legacy applications. If your institution is like most, you have been dealing with shortfalls in your operational systems for decades. Now, because EPM is so easily customized, your implementation will become a means to address these shortfalls.

Traverse Consultants are experts in guiding you through this process. There is a time for enhancement of source system data through EPM, and there is a time for pushing data quality back into the legacy systems. The decision drivers for accepting source system enhancement are, as always - time, money, and resources. Our consultants help you understand the real impact of your decision on each of these critical variables because we have seen these decisions made on countless occasions. We can take the guess work out of your acceptance of these new responsibilities as they will present themselves through your implementation.

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